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Text to Speech Demo

Text to Speech Online

Texttospeechindia.com is a leading Text to Speech engine in India allowing conversion of text content into audio like never before!

You just need to open URL to call our Text-to-Speech web service and get the conversion of written words in to audio. You can run Text to Speech API on Windows/Linux OS computer with low configuration as well.

Text to Speech API

The Text to Speech provides a very natural rhythm voice. The Text to speech API supports Hindi and English languages. It is also available as a cross platform API for Text To Speech conversion with free of cost.
The Text-to-Speech allows your application to deliver auditory information via Text-to-Speech (TTS) API without any software installation! Please inquire us to request a TTS API.

Convert Text Files into Audio

With the help of Text to Speech API you can now convert your text from Word, PDF, Webpages or eBooks into audio files like ogg, mp3 or wav using our Text to Speech API. The Text to Speech API also provides options for changing sample rate and pitch value. You just need to pass values of sample rate and pitch values into parameters and get desire audio output.

The text to speech conversion is very easy however you need to remember only one thing that the text language must match the selected voice language to get the desired results, as merely mixing language does not produce desired results via Text to speech API. Our Text to Speech service understands text and natural Indian language to generate synthesized audio output. Audio file converted from our TTS API has appropriate modulation of voice and accuracy of pitch in playing.

free demo

Text-to-Speech Demo Online Free

Enter any text in our demo and check the quality of audio or speech produced through our speech synthesis technology. Converted voice from text through our software comes with very natural human accents and it will greatly enhance any application you might want to use them in. Inquire us for accurate text to speech Software or API. Fill the contact form details given below and we will get back you within quick time.

free software

Text to Speech Software

Our Text to Speech software is compatible with Windows or Linux applications seamlessly. It converts any of your text into audio or speech accurately and in natural human accents. Most importantly this Text-to-Speech software works as a normal desktop application and no internet connectivity required at all!! This software can be used by ATM machine or anywhere else where one need Text to speech engine offline. We are just a click away to you. Kindly drop an inquiry for any of your Text to Speech Software requirement.

Listen converted audio file anywhere, anytime

Sync your documents between desktop, iPhone, iPad and android devices, so you can listen anywhere, anytime. The Text to speech develops and delivers high quality multi language Text to Speech technology, which leads in voice quality and accuracy. We are a team of creative people who successfully combine passion and ambition in creating the best speech synthesis technology in the world.

We take pride in building complete end-to-end solutions, starting from researching a problem, implementing the solution, building a scalable and reliable service and ensuring the service where and when you need it.

How to get Text to Speech API?

To get started with the Text-to-Speech (TTS) API, please inquire us through contact form below. We will send you key and API documentation with interactive guide about using Text-to-Speech (TTS) API.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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